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Updated – 13th July 20

As you are aware, on 12 March 2020, the World Health Organization (WHO) declared COVID-19 as a pandemic. Local, regional and federal governments around the world (including the UK Government) have initiated a series of urgent actions to slow the spread of COVID-19 (including specifically social distancing and self-isolation of the workforce) which is having an impact on our business environment.

Therefore, all Divisions within the Rical Group had to take the unfortunate decision to close temporarily.

We are now seeing many of our customers start to recommence operations and we are seeing a gradual increase in schedules, therefore several of our plants are now operational to support these demands. We will continue to provide you with production updates and details on each plants status. Additional actions have been taken at your workplaces to reduce the risk of Covid 19 transmission and adherence to social distancing measures as advised by the Government.

Present Plant Status (Do not return unless requested)

William Mitchell Plant

Production in Operation

Fellows Plant

Production in Operation

Avon PDC

Production in Operation

Multiforms Plant

Production in Operation

Taurus Engineering

Production in Operation

Jewellery Findings

Closed until at least 20th July 2020

If you are an employee requiring additional information please contact one of your Plant Senior Management Team via the contact details you have been given in previous briefings. If you are a Customer or Supplier and have not been contacted directly or have any enquiries please use one of the contact detail below for the relevant site.

COVID 19 Support – some of our product and capabilities within our Plants may be of use for emergency manufacturing to support COVID 19 required equipment use the contact details below if you have such an enquiry.